Personalized Multisport Coaching
Austin, TX 78746

On Demand

These are 1-1.5 hour personal meetings with specific objectives as outlined below.
Cost: $100 per session

Race and Training Nutrition

  • Race and training nutrition setup – general advice
  • Pre-race nutrition
  • Nutrition setup for high-volume training and racing to improve recovery
  • Advice on supplement use (Do’s and Don’t’s)

Training Plan Setup

  • General approach for setting up training plan
  • Season planning and goal setting for specific races based on past results and performance
  • Setup of triathlon-specific weight lifting program
  • All training plans are set up specifically to the individual athlete based on time constraints, performance level and goals.
  • No generic training plans!

Performance Tests

  • CompuTrainer/Wahoo Kickr Cycling Tests: Aerobic threshold, Maximum Power and HR Zones
  • Conconi Running Test: Aerobic threshold, HR Zones
  • Results: Determination of target training zones, threshold and maximum values
  • Advice how to set up individual training plans based on performance test results