Personalized Multisport Coaching
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Personalized Multi-Sport and Triathlon Coaching

Performance and Success Oriented Coaching

We provide coaching services for endurance athletes and triathletes. Our focus in on competitive, performance-oriented age group athletes. Is your goal is to qualify for the Boston marathon? Do you want to compete in your first Ironman? Or do you want to qualify for the World Championships in Kona?  We have the coaching experience to get you there.

Our athletes receive detailed weekly or bi-weekly training plans. Through initial start-up meetings and frequent communication we customize the training setup and plan to each individual athlete’s needs. There are no standard training plans with cogniTRI!

Experience Matters

Our coaches are experienced in all aspects of triathlon training and racing. We believe that for coaching competitive athletes nothing is more valuable than race experience. Our coaches have done the races, and they have the experience. They will guide YOU with this knowledge to SUCCESS! Training for an endurance event is more than just swimming, biking and running. It is also about proper nutrition, adequate rest and mental preparation for your race. Our job is to support you step-by-step to ensure you reach your endurance goals with maximum success, without compromising success in other areas of your life!

Includes initial one hour meeting to discuss training goals, targeted races. We will set performance goals, review race & training history, and agree on desired (possible) training volume per week and month.

Based on your preferences, we can set up your training plan for an entire racing season, or for a specific target race. We design these plans specifically for athletes who have not been in the sport very long, or who target their first long distance race. Example: first-time Ironman athlete with the primary goal of finishing.

We generally set up the advanced training plans for an entire race season, or for a specific target race. With this coaching package we specifically target those athletes who have a few years of racing experience. These are typically athletes with ambitious performance goals, like qualifying for the Ironman in Hawaii or qualifying for National Championships.

These are 1-1.5 hour personal meetings with specific objectives, for example:

  • Race and Training Nutrition Guidance
  • General Training Structure Setup
  • Performance Tests
  • Race and Performance Analysis

Why us?

  • Our coaches are experienced age-group athletes with many years of coaching and racing experience
  • We create a comprehensive plan for YOU which also takes into account YOUR career and personal life
  • Personal connection with frequent updates between coaches and each athlete
  • No "cookie-cutter" plans. Every athlete has an individual, personalized training plan

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