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Succeed-Or-Save Coaching Package

The idea behind this coaching package is that the athlete pays for success. Other industries work the same: objectives are set up with customers, and the customer pays for business success.

We are applying the same idea to coaching. Before we start working together, we will sit down, discuss objectives, and then agree on a set of goals and stretch goals for the upcoming race season. As an athlete, you pay a small fixed monthly fee (significantly less than the standard coaching packages). As you achieve your goals you pay an additional fee (which is agreed on upfront).

We believe that our approach to coaching works and will help you get faster. And our view is that you shouldn't pay much if the coaching does not help you meet your goals. If we coach you to the level where you achieve or exceed your expectations we get paid - you can look at it as a performance bonus for coaching performance.

Every week the athlete receives

  • Detailed training plans by email, targeted at achieving the set goals (incl. HR target zones, distance and/or time per workout). These are often specific, performance oriented workouts with detailed instructions on intensity levels, training courses, recovery times, etc.
  • Strength training advice
  • Additional email advice per week (response guaranteed within 24 hrs)
  • Review of training diary and email feedback
  • Workout adjustments as needed
  • Training plan updates on demand after email & phone conversations
  • Pre-race strategy planning and post race analysis

The cost for this coaching package varies for each athlete and the goal.
Please contact us to discuss details.